Door Service and Repairs in Solano County

The most reliable sign of a well-made door is not noticing it. Doorways serve a vital purpose in human society. Doors were even marked as property of a specific Roman god in ancient times! But most of us (even us at Shell Door Service, Inc.) go through our days interacting with many doors and not thinking much about them.

That is, until something breaks. A snapped door jamb can mar the appearance of even the most beautiful house. Good luck driving to work when the overhead door of your garage doesn’t work. When the doorstop won’t stop the issue, give Shell Door Service, Inc. a call. We’re one of the best door repair companies in Solano County with the experienced team to prove it.

Got a Door Problem? We Can Fix It

Door repair problems can vary from small to large, quick to involved, cosmetic to essential. If you have any of the following issues and can’t fix it yourself, call us for a free estimate:

  • Weak or loose hinges
  • Glass door cracks or breakages
  • Sliding door alignment issues
  • Metal door fit problems
  • Snapped doors
  • Outdoor or indoor gate repair
  • Automated door motor broken or not functioning
  • Gate swings
  • Doorframe decay, splits, or chips
  • Sagging doorways
  • Warped wood doors

Residential Door Service

The doors in our homes are meant to be embodiments of both form and function. There’s a reason contemporary doors resemble their ancient counterparts—the architecture is sound. Doors are tough and can take a lot of abuse. But between children, pets, and the stresses of everyday life, sometimes our homes need door repair or door service.

Most door problems that homes face require only a simple mechanical fix, unless you have hydraulic overhead doors installed in every room, which we doubt! Fixing a door jamb doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg.

When you call one of California’s best door repair companies, we know you’ll be impressed by our speedy and affordable services. Don’t believe us? Check out our reviews online!

Commercial Door Services for All Types of Businesses

Accessibility to your business is more important these days than ever before. You never know if potential clients will have mobility problems. So don’t leave well enough alone and make sure no one is ever turned away by your front door.

We specialize in automatic door repair and accessibility gate repair for businesses. Our commercial door services are unmatched by any competitor around.

Shell Door Service, Inc. has helped the following types of businesses with our fast and effective door service:

  • Hospitals and medical facilities
  • Schools, universities, and educational centers
  • Restaurants, cafes, and commercial kitchens
  • Retail storefronts
  • Offices and work plazas

Whatever your business, it’s essential that your employees and your customers can have safe reliable access whether you have automatic doors installed or not.

We’re known throughout Solano County for our friendly consultations. Consulting is free of charge and we don’t require any obligations. What are you waiting for? Call us today!