Automatic & Manual Doors in San Francisco

ADA-Compliant Automatic and Manual Doors in San Francisco

When you’re renovating your San Francisco business or building a new location, there’s one thing you absolutely can’t live without: ADA-compliant automatic doors or manual doors. As a small business owner, it’s your job to protect your livelihood and your investment. Leaving your business open to a costly Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) lawsuit because you installed the wrong type of front door to your establishment can be an utter disaster.

Luckily, Shell Door Service, Inc. is here to help. We’re San Francisco’s expert manual and automatic door company. Each of our doors is up to ADA compliance standards. Whatever you need automatic or manual doors for, we make sure they’re affordable, secure, and easy to open for your customers—no matter what their limitations are.

Door Replacement

If the door in front of your business has been giving you trouble lately—getting stuck, refusing to open, or with a lock that requires a great deal of force to open—it may be time to consider replacing it with a new automatic or manual door. Shell Door Service, Inc. excels in solving mobility issues for businesses in San Francisco.

After all, it’s not only right that your customers should be able to access your business—it’s the law! Replacing older models with new ADA-compliant doors is essential to the success of any small business here in California—especially in San Francisco.

Replace any heavy, tall, worn or damaged door with a new model installed by Shell Door Service, Inc..

Automatic Door Installation

We have one of the largest selections of automatic doors—including traditional automatic doors but also automatic sliding door models—in the country, and our mission is to get California open for business.

Whether you choose from the makes we stock in-house or you want us for automatic door installation for a model you found yourself, Shell Door Service, Inc. is the perfect choice for expert automatic door installation.

Door Repair

If your business paid for a front door installation fewer than five years ago, odds are your model is still in great shape. So if it’s stopped working—perhaps due to a hydraulic component failure—give Shell Door Service, Inc. a call. We’re a specialist automatic door company that can repair nearly any model of automatic or manual door.

Why spend a fortune replacing your business’s front or side doors when we can quickly assess your door’s condition, order new parts, and repair the door in question for you at an affordable rate.

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